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ECOmonkey Recycling
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ECOmonkey System 1 – 1 Bin - Fortnightly Collection
The monthly service fee is R99.00 per month - this includes 2 collections per month (1 bin service)
ECOmonkey System 2 – minimum 2 bins or more - Fortnightly Collection
The monthly service fee is R85.00 per month, per bin - this includes 2 collections per month (min 2 bins required)
ECOmonkey System 3 – minimum 2 bins or more - Weekly Collection
The monthly service fee is R160.00 - per month, per bin - this includes a once a week collection (min 2 bins required)
We Recommend adding one of the following options based on your Requirements:
·         1 or more external 240L recycling bin(s) is need for this Service(S)
·         If you have your own bin(s) you need to add an ECOmonkey Sticker(s) as this is essential for identification of the bin(s) we service.
·         If you chose to use bags instead of a bin(s) we recommend Blue Bags or Clear Bags we supply Blue Bags.
 All you need to do is place your recycling in the bin / recycling bag for collection, no need to sort, we do it for you.
ECOmonkey Once off collection Service
We will send a 1-ton Bakkie to collect your recycling
@ R 550.00 per Load
Recycling must be in bags please! & accessible to the collection team on the Ground Level.
We will contact you to arrange collection accordingly.
*We collect all recycling materials, please refer to our list of materials.
We will love to assist you with any questions and you’re recycling.
Once you have signed up to our service, recycling is easy. Just put all your recyclable materials into your recycling bin(s) / bag(s) and put them out in an area easily accessible for the collection Team.
Collections take place between 7:00am and 18:00pm on your allocated collection day.
If you are in an access-controlled area, please make arrangements with security so our driver can get access, or via sending them an access code.
ECOmonkey is confident that it can surpass any expectations required to ensure a successful recycling program for YOUR HOME, ESTATE or OFFICE!
ECOmonkey Recycling Collection Service
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