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ECOmonkey Recycling
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ECOmonkey Recycling

Established in 2010, ECOmonkey is committed to cleaning up our environment and reducing greenhouse gases through the provision of an environmentally friendly recycling collection service.
We are driven by a desire to make a difference and the collection of recyclable waste easy and hassle free even if it is 1 BIN AT A TIME.
Why ECOmonkey?

ECOmonkey is a reliable, low-cost, and convenient Owner Driven recycling collection service.  
The entrepreneur collector assigned to your area will collect your recyclables on the scheduled day.
You do not need to sort your recyclables into different bins or containers; all can be mixed. We do the final sorting.

ECOmonkey collects a wide range of recyclables, including the low value items which are not collected by the waste pickers.

ECOmonkey keeps abreast of changes in recycling markets and will tell you when new items can be added.

Who do we Serve?
This service is offered to all, who care about the Environment and Recycling.
We serve individual households, flats, townhouse complexes, cluster complexes, estates, office complexes, industrial
and commercial companies, restaurants and shopping centres.   


Saves landfill space and reduces cost of landfill
Reduces deforestation and saves natural resources and saves energy       
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Reduces litter and pollution
Provides employment
ECOmonkey Recycling Service
ECOmonkey Recycling Collection Service
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